''Ab initio'' synthesis of zeolites for preestablished catalytic reactions


E. M. Gallego, M. T. Portilla, C. Paris, A. León-Escamilla, M. Boronat, M. Moliner, A. Corma

Professor Corma’s group reports a methodology for synthesizing active and selective zeolites by using organic structure-directing agents that mimic the transition state (TS) of preestablished reactions to be catalyzed is presented in the article. They picked molecules that mimic the transition states for reactions such as the isomerization of ethylbenzene into xylene, and they successfully identified catalysts with improved reactant conversion and product selectivity. Full article is available in DOI: 10.1126/science.aal0121

Science 355 (6329), (2017) 1051-1054

Reproduced with permission