EFCATS Young Scientist Contest

The EFCATS Young Scientist Contest was held in Wageningen early July 2018.  A total of 30 participants were in attendance and these were subdivided into 6 competing groups.  Each group was given the task of developing a research proposal for 3 year PhD students centering upon securing the sustainable delivery of food/feed/fuels/materials for our future society.   As well as submission of detailed written proposals to a tight deadline, the groups also had to give oral presentations of their proposals with additional time being allowed for extended discussion/questions.   The format, which was devised by Harry Bitter and Fabrizio Cavani, members of the EFCATS Board, worked extremely well and produced a very high level of engagement from all participants, and proposals and oral presentations to an impressively high standard resulted. Indeed, the standard of discussion and questioning from the participants was also exceptionally high.   

Overall, the following teams were awarded prizes:

  • 1st prize (500 Euros each): Kasun Guanasooriya (Belgium), Katarzyna Adamska (Poland), Lars Kiewidt (The Netherlands), Mirtha Alejandra (Portugal) and Eleni Bletsa (Greece)
  • 2nd Prize (200 Euros each): Jaroslav Kocik (Czech Republic), Susana Guadix-Montero (UK), Ilker Tezsevin (Turkey), Vera Truttmann (Austria) and Anna Winiwarter (Denmark)
  • 3rd Prize (100 Euros each):  Valeryia Kasneryk (Czech Republic), Hanna Karlsson (Sweden), Nemanja Vucetic (Finland), Matteo Signorile (Italy), Kristoffer Hauberg Rasmussen (Denmark)


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