Unravelling structure sensitivity in CO2 hydrogenation over nickel


Charlotte Vogt, Esther Groeneveld, Gerda Kamsma, Maarten Nachtegaal, Li Lu, Christopher J. Kiely, Peter H. Berben, Florian Meirer and Bert M. Weckhuysen

The work conducted at Utrecht University under the guidance of prof. Bert Weckhyusen demonstrates that using a unique set of well-defined silica-supported Ni nanoclusters (1–7 nm) and advanced characterization methods, it is proved how structure sensitivity influences the mechanism of catalytic CO2 reduction, the nature of which has been long debated. These findings bring fundamental new understanding of CO2 hydrogenation over Ni and allow to control both activity and selectivity, which can be a means for CO2 emission abatement through its valorization as a low- or even negative-cost feedstock on a low-cost transition-metal catalyst.

Full article is possible via this link https://doi.org/10.1038/s41929-017-0016-y