Understanding carbon dioxide activation and carbon–carbon coupling over nickel


C. Vogt, M. Monai, E.B. Sterk, J. Palle, A.E. M. Melcherts, B. ZijlstraE. Groeneveld, P.H. Berben, J.M. Boereboom, E.J. M. Hensen, F. Meirer, I.A.W. Filot & B.M. Weckhuysen

New insights for carbon dioxide activation and subsequent carbon–carbon coupling towards value-added products are provided in this recent article published in Nature Communications by the group of Bert Weckhuysen and Ivo Filot. A theoretical understanding of structure sensitivity, along with a library of different supports, to tune the selectivity of methanation in the Power-to-Gas concept over nickel is leveraged.  It was shown that carbon dioxide hydrogenation over nickel can and does form propane, and that activity and selectivity can be tuned by supporting different nickel particle sizes on various oxides.

Access to full paper https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-019-12858-3#additional-information

Nature Communications vol. 10, Article number: 5330 (2019)