Shape‐Selective Zeolites Promote Ethylene Formation from Syngas via a Ketene Intermediate


Feng Jiao,  Xiulian Pan, Ke Gong, Yuxiang Chen, Gen Li,  Xinhe Bao

The eight‐membered‐ring side pockets of mordenite can effectively steer the conversion of ketene intermediates, formed over ZnCrOx during syngas conversion, toward ethylene with a selectivity of 73 % at a CO conversion of 26 %. By comparison, methanol intermediates are mainly converted over the 12‐membered‐ring sites of MOR and result in a remarkably different product distribution dominated by longer‐chain hydrocarbons.

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Angewandte Chemie, Int. Edition, 57(17)  2018 Pages 4692-4696

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