Regioselective generation and reactivity control of subnanometric platinum clusters in zeolites for high-temperature catalysis


L. Liu, M. Lopez-Haro, C. W. Lopes, C. Li, P. Concepcion, L. Simonelli, J.J. Calvino & Avelino Corma

The group of Professor Corma reports the synthesis subnanometric catalysts using zeolites as supports. They have achieved a very high preference for localization of highly stable subnanometric Pt and PtSn clusters in the sinusoidal channels of purely siliceous MFI zeolite. These catalysts show very high stability, selectivity and activity for the industrially important dehydrogenation of propane to form propylene. This stabilization strategy could be extended to other crystalline porous materials.

Full text is available in

Nature Materials vol. 18, pages 866–873 (2019)

Reproduced with permission from Springer Nature