A metal-free electrocatalyst for carbon dioxide reduction to multi-carbon hydrocarbons and oxygenates

J. Wu, S. Ma,, J. Sun, J. Gold, C. S. Tiwary, B. Kim,  Zhu, N. Chopra, I. N. Odeh, R. Vajtai, A.Z. Yu, R. Luo, J. Lou, G. Ding, P.J.A. Kenis & P. M. Ajayan

Electroreduction of carbon dioxide into higher-energy liquid fuels and chemicals is a promising but challenging renewable energy conversion technology. The group of authors report that nanometre-size N-doped graphene quantum dots (NGQDs) catalyse the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide into multi-carbon hydrocarbons and oxygenates at high Faradaic efficiencies, high current densities and low overpotentials. The C2 and C3 product distribution and production rate for NGQD-catalysed carbon dioxide reduction is comparable to those obtained with copper nanoparticle-based electrocatalysts.

Nature Communications 7, Article number: 13869 (2016) (open access)
Full article is available at DDOI: 10.1038/ncomms13869