EFCATS Best PhD Thesis Awards 2021

EFCATS proudly announces that in 2021 three first price EFCATS Best PhD Thesis Awards have been awarded. The recipients of the award are:

Dr. Sylwia Gudyka: Development of a structured catalyst for N2O decomposition based on the functional correlation: composition-morphology-performance, (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)

Dr. Dimitrios K. Pappas: Direct methane to methanol conversion over Cu-exchanges zeolites: building structure-activity relationships (University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway)

Dr. Carlos Hernandez Mejia: Niobia-supported metal catalysts for synthesis gas conversion (Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

The differences between the nine submitted theses were extremely small and judged on originality, scientific excellence, and impact. After two rounds of reviewing these three thesis scored so close that it was decided to award all with the first price.

The EFCATS award will be presented at the 15th European Congress on Catalysis, Europacat 2023 (Prague, August 27-September 2023), but already being formally given at an online EFCATS event on September 2 2021 (2-5 pm).


Lectures given by 2021 Best PhD Thesis Awards recipients, Sylwia Gudyka, Dimitrios K. Pappas and Carlos Hernandez Mejia, introduced by Harry Bitter