YEuCat Better Together

YEuCat better together will take place in Segovia (Spain) from September 6th to 10th.
This is the first collaborative live event organized by the Young European Catalysis Network, an activity supported by EFCATS. 

The background:
Collaboration is the key to find concrete solutions for the complex problems of tomorrow.
The concept:
Getting young researchers in catalysis together to solve a key societal problem.
The outcome:
The innovative catalytic solution proposed will be reported in ChemCatChem.
The benefits:
Get to know and work with a diverse group of young colleagues in catalysis; learn from peers on reactions and techniques which you can later apply in your research; network for future collaborations; specific training in collaboration skills and diversity. 

All the information about the event can be found at and the most recent updates at and Queries can also be addressed to .

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